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Attach And Detect!

por Colette Laby (07/02/2021)

As we are living in a very modern era of this world, everything is becoming advanced, superior and improved. Likewise, internet and technology are two things that are becoming most advanced and new. Internet is a connection that connects several of computers to communicate with each other. As computer has many benefits, so it is in reach of every single person including children these days. Now internet has got some drawbacks that may be very serious and dangerous for you afterwards. For suppose your daughter says that she wants to complete her assignment on computer in her room. You would definitely say nothing to her but your answer will be 'alright'. Now you do not know what she is doing inside the room. She might be talking to strangers and people who are not safe but fake and who use small innocent teen girls to fulfill their abusive wishes. Now take another example that your son might watch girl porn videos in his room while you are not around because the content is easily accessible by everyone on internet. The third example is of business partners and employees who may try to cheat you by not doing work and using social websites for fun or may try to deceive you in such a way that your business partner tries to steal your personal planning and details of your business from your computer.

All these problems are serious and may become a threat for you afterwards. Now let us think of such a device that is undetectable, easily attachable, a device that will record your each stroke and each word you typed through the keyboard into your computer. Think, what it could be? A hardware keylogger?

A hardware keylogger is a device that is attached easily into the keyboard and that is undetectable and it records and tracks all the data of your computer, each word, each password, each code and each key stroke is recorded.

A hardware keylogger has many benefits as it is a back up or the recorder of your computer, some main benefits are:

Businesses: Some companies may use key loggers for monitoring employees for misconduct. At the high price tag of many hardware key loggers, this is probably the major market for them. Moreover attach a hardware keylogger into your employees' computer to keep an eye on them.

Parents: Some parents may choose to use a hardware keylogger to monitor their kids if you have doubt on them that they must be watching something bad or talking to corrupt people and save them from losing their innocence at a very small age.

Writers: Users can install them on their own systems as a backup for the work they have typed because sometimes it happens that you did work on computer and you forgot to save it, then you may easily find your work if a hardware keylogger is attached to your keyboard.

One more advantage is that you may attach a keylogger hardware device at your home's computer to spy your spouse too if you have doubt on him/her.

I am the marketing manager at KeyGrabber. Which manufacture hardware keylogger to monitor employees, kids or anyone you want.