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Online lottery is amazingly popular in Thailand. It is also known as "__________"

por Layla Bracker (12/09/2021)

Online lottery is amazingly popular in Thailand. It is also known as "__________" in the
country although it is issued by the government rather than private companies in the west. It is
so popular that everyone knows how to play it. It is so simple yet so complex at the same time,
especially how they do it in Thailand. It is so much more than a game. It has become a hope for
those with less fortune as well as a fun hobby for the rich. It was already popular and played by
a lot of people, especially in the northeastern region of Thailand. But now that it has been
modernized and made online by a company called "LottoVip", the popularity skyrocketed
beyond reason. It is an activity adored by millions of Thai people. There are many reasons why
Thai people love this game so much that they involve it in almost everything in their daily lives.
Due to the Thais_ ridiculous superficiality, if anything out of ordinary happens to them,
they immediately buy the number in hopes of winning the lottery. If someone in their family
passed, they buy the number according to age, apartment number, the date of death, or
anything related to that person. It is just astounding how Thai people spectacularly incorporate
this belief system into "__________." It makes the game so much more personal and exciting than
just going into a grocery store and simply buying and hoping to win.
Another reason "________ _________" is deeply rooted in Thai society is that the country is poor. I_m
not talking about the king or those in the 1 percentile but the working and middle class, which
are the 99 percent of the population. Because the lottery only costs 2 dollar a ticket while first
prize payouts come to about 2 hundred grands; the lottery becomes a pillar of hope for some of
them, especially in times of poverty from COVID19.
Superficiality is a common trait in Thailand. This sometimes interferes with the way Thai
people seek specific numbers. That is why being online plays an important role for the lottery to
be popular nationwide. To expand on that, "__________" in Thailand does not require the buyer to
scratch so they can see what numbers they are buying right off the bat. This correlates well with
the aforementioned belief where certain numbers bear a significant meaning to certain players.
It also takes less effort on the buyers_ end to seek certain numbers because they can just buy
whatever numbers they are looking for by just logging into their account and choosing the
wanted numbers.
Lastly, online lottery or "__________" is so easy to get into. While it is not as easy as the
western system where the buyers purchase the ticket randomly, the thai personal belief
simplifies the buying process since they already know what numbers they want to buy. The fun
of waiting if what they possess will come to fruition, a couple of hundred thousand dollars fruit to
All in all, the popularity doesn_t come out of nowhere but because of so many factors.
Sure, it is not only popular for the Thais but the lottery has come a long way since it was
created. It may just be a game but it has also traveled through time and space and become
fundamentally popular to the point that even the younger generation also starts to pick up the
game. It is so simple. It is around us everywhere. It is a "__________", a game loved and adored by
the Thais all across the nation.