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por Cathryn Rea (25/10/2021)

Arizona Red Trin Player Season Reselection
According to the coach Bruce Alians, 3 Arizona Tsens in the Seattle Hawks have encountered injuries that ended in their season at 16-22.

Left off-off D. J. Hengris (D.j. Humphries) knee pads were dislocated and wholesale jerseys the inner sub-ligament was injured, and he needs to be subject to treatment, but Aliis is not sure when he will receive surgery.

In addition, Safety Wei Taili-Blanch (Tyvon Branch) knees were torn before, and he will also receive surgery. Close-edge Efani Moma (IFEANYI MOMAH) leg fracture and may require ankle reconstruction surgery.

Alianz said three people will be placed in the injury reserve list.

Despite the reimbursement of the Henfris monte, his injury is not as bad as imagined, he was originally thought to tear before the knee. The recovery of the inner sub-ligament does not take for a long time, Alius expects Henfris to recover 3 months and wholesale jerseys should be ready to participate in the spring of next spring.

Aliis also believes that surgery can help solve the problem of mediatoral ligament that is bothering Henfris, this season, Hengris's right knee has been wearing knees. He missed 4 games after the sprony in the first week.

Lost Henfris will let the red rheina adjust the offensive front line. Jared Veldheer will change from the right cut to the left, and John Wetzel will be the right cutout.