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por Sherlyn Lemaster (31/10/2021)

External hand Waspers: I hope that nfl jerseys players get more salary
On July 3, the first day after the NBA free player market opened, some players have got a total of more than $ 100 million.

Buffalo Boles Sammy Watkins Spend on Sunday expressed the hope that NFL players can also get similar treatment. He said: "We have to get more salary. I am very confirmed that the 2014 player will change the market style."

In 2014, the Selected Waterkins, the selected Waterkins, also forwarded the pushes of Jack Steinberg, engaged in NFL players, said: "The NFL player has the right to dissatisfaction. The cakes they are smallest. NBA income reached 12 billion US dollars, NBA is only $ 5 billion. "

In May, Bill chooses the fifth annihilation option for Waterkins. Watekins will become free players after the 2017 season.

In the 4 years of contract, Watekins will earn $ 199 million, these are full guarantee income.

Watekins missed most of the rest training after recovery in January. He recovered training in mini training camp last month. He was absent cheap jerseys from china 8 games last season and was plagued by other injuries in the first two seasons.