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por Jefferson Athaldo (15/11/2021)

The raid worker coach and enjoy the beverage bath after defeating 49 people.
Obviously, the Auckland raid team was like a New Year after winning 2 wins. After the 24% of San Francisco, San Francisco was defeated on Sunday 24 to 13, and Tony Spranano had a "beverage bath".

A 2-winning 11-loss team head coach was so crazy, but for the current situation of the raids, cheap jerseys for sale the enemy of the bay is defeated, cheap jerseys and the excitement is comparable to the super bowl.

This is the first raid team to defeat the enemy in the bay area in 14 years, and the first time I defeated the 49 people in Auckland in 1979.

Then Jim Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh), he may become the coach of the raid team next season. CBS Sports cheap nfl jerseys Insider Jason La Canfora News Report The raid team is seriously considering trading from 49 people to Hubble.

If Spartrano leaves later, he knew that the next person was defeated by him, so he got a beverage bath, which is what he excited.