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por Brady Halpern (17/03/2022)

Hawks cut out the outside of Brandama
Although Beijing October 31, although today is the deadline of the transaction, the team can also choose a simple dismass, nfl jerseys do not have to send them else.

The sea eagle is so dry. According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (Adam Schefter), the Hawks have been cut off the old way to take over Brand Marshall.

Marshall is signed with the Hawks in May, and the season has earlier several times, but the time to participate in the attack is sharply reduced. Marshall only participated in the 2 gear offense last week. David Moore joins Doug Baldwin and Tayler Lockett, which make up the main plug-in.

Marshall will be 35 years old next year. He has completed 11 battles this season, promoted 136 yards, reached once. In 2017, when Marshal was absent from the injury, it was not much better in 2016. Although the report said that Marshall also intentionally played, but it may not be far from the alliance cheap nfl jerseys from china him.