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por Lashay Ahmed (21/03/2022)

The downturn in the field attack is urgently needed to improve
There is no doubt that the ground attack of Denver's wild horse is struggling in the first three weeks of this season, and each of the punch codes is only 3.2 yards, and the ranks third of the league count. The pavement attack does not force, directly affects the performance of Pedon Manning, especially in the game of the Seattle Hawks last week, several running guards in the wild horses are completely limited, making Manning encountered unprecedented Attack pressure, the wild horse also regrets the opponent.

The wild horse offensive front line has not been able to open a road for the running guards. It is an important reason. The three weeks of competition, the whole offensive frontline is only the ground cover assessment of Orlando - Franklin (Orlando Franklin) is divided, and the right cut Chris Clark (Chris CLARK) is more stateless, his ground cover evaluation is ranked third in all alliances all. The team's replacement near-end Harver Virgil Green is a good +3.3 opening score, but he is only the team's approach, and the three games will only participate in the 39-way ground attack. Didn't reach half of all running frames.

In addition to the problem of offensive front line, the team mainly runs the mighty performance of Montee Ball is the main reason, although he has 14 times to avoid the hug, but his running code after his contact is only 2.31 yards, in all The 47 qualified entry ranking running guards are listed in 22, running scores are only -0.1, which is far less than Novo Nen, Novo, cheap nike jerseys online Moreno (Knowshon Moreno)

In the next few weeks, the season of the wild horse is still dangerous. They have to face the squadron, jet, 49 people and lightning, etc., the four teams of anti-running total scores are in the forefront, cheap nike jerseys nfl wild horse fans You can only hope that the team can find ways to solve the unfavorable current situation of running.