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Luxury aboard the Orient Express' British Pullman

por Lacey Reilly (24/04/2022)

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The British Pullman, one of the Venice-Simplon Orient Express lines offering day trips in England, steams into Victoria Station, in London.
Orient Express
LONDON--It's not often you take a train, look out the window all during the journey, and see people standing alongside the tracks with cameras at the ready so they can take pictures of the carriages going by. Not often, that is, unless you're prone to taking Venice-Simplon Orient Express trains. If you are, be prepared for an almost uncountable number of train spotters looking for a rare glimpse of one of the most luxurious and storied conveyances in modern history. I got a chance to take one of the Venice-Simplon Orient Express journeys recently as part of , a daylong meander from London to Bristol, England, and back aboard what's known as the British Pullman. Many people may think that the Venice-Simplon Orient Express is only a train that goes from London to Venice, or istanbul escort, but in fact, these days the famous moniker belongs to a company that offers train rides, cruises, hotel stays, and other high end experiences all throughout the world, each of which has its own distinctive name.