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Indonesia_s Red Zone Increases Again to 10 Regions

por Dick Brice (14/07/2021)

Indonesia_s Red Zone Increases Again to 10 Regions _ Indonesia_s Covid-19 risk map has been updated again. Changes related to the development of the spread of the corona virus in Indonesia also continue to occur. The number of red zones in Indonesia, which last week only occurred in 5 regions, has now increased to 10 regions.

The following is the breakdown per zone: 10 (1.95 percent) red zone (high risk) 289 (56.23 percent) orange zone (moderate risk) 207 (40.27 percent) yellow zone (low risk) 8 (1.55 percent) ) green zone (no cases and not affected) in Indonesia. Regarding the red zone, on the island of Java, only Banten province remains, namely South Tangerang. The most red zones were recorded in the provinces of Bali and Central Kalimantan. In both provinces there are 3 red zones each. The areas that have become red zones since last week are Buleleng (Bali), East Barito (Central Kalimantan), Palangkaraya City (Central Kalimantan), Kapuas (Central Kalimantan), Mataram City (West Nusa Tenggara).

Red Zone Details :

1. Bangka Belitung Islands Belitung
2. Banten, South Tangerang City
3. Bali Badung Gianyar Buleleng
4. West Nusa Tenggara Mataram City
5. South Kalimantan Land of the Sea
6. Central Kalimantan, East Barito, Palangkaraya, Kapuas

For the record, regional risk zoning maps are calculated based on public health indicators using scoring and weighting. The indicators used include epidemiological indicators, public health surveillance indicators, Latest political events and news health service indicators.

During 24 hours, there were 4,549 additional cases. Meanwhile, active cases in Indonesia are 114,566 cases. The number of patients who died also still increased by 162 people. Thus, the number of patients who died due to Covid-19 now stands at 41,977 people.

East Nusa Tenggara
_ Kupang
_ Kupang City

Central Java
_ Cilacap
_ Banyumas
_ Wonosobo
_ Wonogiri
_ Rembang
_ Surakarta City

In Yogyakarta
_ Bantul

_ Tabanan
_ Badung
_ Denpasar City